Research Committee and Task Force(s)

Research Committee and Task Force(s):

The Research Task Forces will be specific to strategic plan items assigned to the Director of Research.

Strategic Plan Responsibilities

  1. Advance level of evidence of diagnosis research
    1. Identify and provide level of evidence for research conducted on nursing diagnosis, in concert with the Director of Diagnosis Development
    2. Develop guidelines for nursing diagnosis research to be available for academics and researchers


Kay Avant, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN
United States
(Appointed until 2022)





Monika Linhart, PhD, RN
(Appointed until 2020)



Marcos Venicios de Oliveira Lopes, PhD, RN, FNI
(Appointed until 2022)



Viviane Martins da Silva, PhD, RN, FNI
(Appointed until 2022)

Others to be determined