The Founders Award is presented by the NANDA-I Board of Directors, to those individuals who have made a lasting, internationally-reaching contribution to education, implementation, development, research, and/or informatics applications of nursing diagnoses.


Barbara Kranovich-Miller, EdD, PMHCNS-BC, ANEF, FAAN

Dr. Kranovich-Miller has a long history with NANDA-I, including activity on multiple committees and as a member of the Board of Directors. She is the Associate Dean, Academic & Clinical Affairs at NYU College of Nursing, and is well published in the area of critical appraisal, evidence-based practice and patient safety. She was critical in review of psychiatric nursing diagnoses over the years, and continues to advocate the use of nursing diagnosis in clinical practice on the national stage.



The Unique Contribution Award is presented by the NANDA-IBoard of Directors, to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of nursing diagnosis.

Susan Gallagher-Lepak, RN, PhD

Dr. Gallagher-Lepak has been an innovator with nursing diagnosis education. She began an online independent study course for nurses on nursing diagnosis, in which she encouraged students to review current diagnoses, conduct literature reviews and recommend revisions to diagnoses, based on evidence. Some of these students took her recommendation to submit their work to NANDA-I, leading to some accepted revisions of current nursing diagnoses. Nurses who took her course indicated that the course had changed their perception of nursing diagnoses, making it more relevant to clinical practice. Additionally, she championed and received grant money to work with Dr. Herdman to create a NANDA-I app to help students collect assessment data, walk through possible diagnoses, and be able to validate accurate diagnoses in clinical practice. She has also authored a chapter in the NANDA-I text the past two editions, and the organization has received excellent feedback on her chapter and its helpfulness.

Marie-Thérèse Cellis-Geradin

Marie-Thérèse has been a fixture at NANDA-I for decades, as well as being active in and a former president of l’Association Francophone Européenne des Diagnostics, Interventions et Résultats Infirmiers (AFEDI). Additionally, she has been the official translator for the French language editions of the NANDA-I (and NIC and NOC) text for several editions. She is renowned in French-speaking countries and in much of Europe as an expert and advocate for nursing diagnosis and for the use of NANDA-I, and has been a strong supporter of the association.

Editor’s Award

The Editor’s Award is given to author(s) who have published an outstanding piece of scholarship in the NANDA-I journal, The International Journal of Nursing Knowledge.

Kimiyo Shimomai, Hidetoshi Furukawa, Yuko Kuroda, Kazuaki Fukuda, Mistumi Masuda, & Junko Koizumi

The difficulty of selecting the NANDA‐I nursing diagnosis (2015–2017) of “death anxiety” in Japan was selected as the winning article for 2017-2018.

Rosemary Carroll-Johnson Award

The Rosemary Carroll-Johnson Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the NANDA International organization, in the area of publication excellence.

Amanda Bulette Coakley RN, PhD

Dr. Coakley was acknowledged as an excellent reviewer for the NANDA-I journal, The International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, who provides consistently thorough, timely reviews that support the journal and authors.