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Fall is always a time of renewal, and of transition from one year to the next. It is often a time of contemplation – celebration of the harvest, “putting up” food for the winter, and preparing for colder days ahead. 

Recently, there have been some transitions within the organization itself. Mary Hemminger, who has been an integral component of everything we do at NANDA-I for the past 8 years, has decided to make some life changes, and so she has stepped back from her daily role in the association. Over the years, Mary has: developed, implemented and managed our website; managed marketing and communication; supported conferences, Board of Director and Diagnosis Development Committee meetings; and truly – so many things I couldn’t even possibly begin to list them all. Although not a nurse, Mary probably knows as much about nursing diagnosis now as many nurses do – and she has become an incredible supporter of and advocate for both nursing and nursing diagnosis! When you see the new videos for our book –it was Mary’s creative talent that brought them to life. When you found helpful content on our website, when you received a Tweet, get a new Facebook feed, or eblast – that was Mary hard at work. Member surveys, voting on diagnoses/taxonomy – in some way, Mary touched it all. She will continue to work with us on an ad hoc basis, bringing educational content to life and doing some of the really amazing work she has always done – she’s just going to spend more time playing her dulcimer, reading books, and enjoying time with her husband, Dan. She will be greatly missed, but we wish her the absolute best in her transition!

Most of you won’t know, but Dan Hemminger (Mary’s husband) also supported us for a time with the overwhelming amount of work coming in to the Diagnosis Development Committee – he brought much needed processes and smooth communications to an overworked group of reviewers, and we thank him for stepping in to help us out in our time of need – and we wish him well as he goes back to his “fully retired” mode of being, learning to play mountain dulcimer, reading and being an avid “real” football fan (aka, soccer!).

I have worked with Mary extensively over these years, and I have to tell you that no one will miss her expertise more than I. However, in the next blog, I’ll be able to introduce you to our new team – I think you’ll agree that we will continue to be in very good hands!

Kind regards,

T. Heather Herdman, RN, PhD, FNI
Chief Executive Officer
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