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NANDA-I Fact Sheet

- NANDA-I Hoja de Datos
- Ficha Informativa da NANDA-I
NANDA International Terminology Fact Sheet
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Provides an Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Framework

•Standardize clinical reasoning terms in your organization as a basis for determining effective care.
•Enable safe clinical judgment through the use of standardized definitions and evidence-based assessment criteria.
•Populate EHR assessments with evidence-based criteria that support effective clinical decision-making.
Supports Evidence-Based Plans of Care
•Prioritize key nursing diagnoses for the patient’s problem list, and key elements for each patient’s plan of care.
•Enable staff to identify patient needs and staff requirements to care for them.
•Monitor patient progress throughout an episode of care.
Provides Quantitative Measures for Effective Nurse Staffing
•Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of nursing care.
•Identify opportunities to reduce costs without compromising patient safety.
•Analyze nursing care requirements based on patient acuity.
•Compare nursing care requirements across facilities and departments.
Provides Quantitative Measures for Staff Evaluation & Training
•Analyze staff clinical reasoning and judgment practices as documented in the Electronic Health Record.
•Identify staff strengths and developmental needs on both an individual and aggregate basis.
•Implement staff training, development and mentoring initiatives and track results.
The NANDA International Terminology is provided in XML and MicrosoftAccess® database formats - easy to integrate into your EHR systems and documentation.

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