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Membership Network Groups

- Brasil Network Group
- Colombia Network Group
- Ecuador Network Group
- Dutch Network Group
- German Language Network Group
- Mexico Network Group
- Nigeria-Ghana Network Group
- Portugal Network Group
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NANDA International Membership Network Groups foster collaboration among NANDA-I members in many ways:

•Development and revision of nursing diagnoses.

•Regional conferences hosted by the Network Group.

•Support from experienced colleagues with questions about nursing diagnosis use, teaching methods, translation issues, etc.

•Connection with the resources and global reach of NANDA-I; assistance with the study and application of nursing diagnosis in home country.

•The NANDA-I President, Directors and/or Executive Director are available to visit with Membership Network Groups to provide support and join in teaching and nursing diagnosis

•Direct voice in the future of NANDA International policy and direction, through Network Coordinator membership in the Membership and External Relations Committee.


•NANDA-I Membership Network Groups provide a framework for NANDA-I members to foster the work of NANDA–I and promote membership within a country, region, language or specialty.

•Each Network Group designates a Coordinator who is a Regular Member of NANDA International, and serves as a member of the NANDA-I Membership and External Relations Committee.

•NANDA-I Membership Network Groups are recognized as part of the greater organization. As such, Network Groups operate according to NANDA-I Bylaws and Membership Network Group policies.

•All members of NANDA-I Membership Network Groups must become active members of NANDA International within 3 months of the group receiving Board approval. Click here for NANDA-I membership information.

•The NANDA International Board of Directors reserves the right to dissolve a NANDA-I Membership Network Group that does not function in accordance with the aims and objectives of the organization and its bylaws.


•Identify interested nurses in your country, region, language group and/or specialty.

•Organize an initial meeting of your group. This is typically an informal gathering during which colleagues share their experiences with using, teaching and implementing nursing diagnosis.

•Confirm the group's Coordinator, goals and group members. A minimum of 2 goal statements is required.

•Generally the minimum number of members to form a Membership Network Group is 20, however exception is made at the discretion of the NANDA-I Executive Director.

•Complete and submit the online application form.

•The NANDA-I Executive Director will review your application and contact the Coordinator to clarify and/or request additional information as required.

•The Executive Director will submit your application to the NANDA-I Board of Directors for approval, and contact you when that process is complete.