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1990 - 1999

  • Published Nursing Diagnosis - The Official Journal of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association

  • Held First Joint Meeting of the NANDA, NIC and NOC (National Outcome Classification)

  • Celebrated NANDA’s 25th Anniversary!

Nursing Diagnosis, the official journal of the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association published by J. B. Lippincott. Rosemary Carroll-Johnson, MN, RN was the journal´s first editor. Editorial advisory board included Dr. Gloria Bulechek, Dr. Jean Jenny, Dr. Joan Fitzmaurice, Dr. Dorothy Jones, Dr. Margaret Lunney, Dr. Brenda Lyon, Dr. Elizabeth McFarlane, Elizabeth Mottet, Dr. Joyce Shoemaker, Dr. Marah Snyder and Dr. Anne Woodtli.

Dr. Lois Hoskins elected third president of NANDA. NursCom becomes business manager for NANDA. NANDA Board of Directors controls organization direction, finances, and activities.

Dr. Noreen Frisch becomes the second editor of the NANDA Journal.

Dr. Judith Warren elected NANDA´s fourth president.

•Journal title changes to International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications, with Dr. Jolene Simon as editor.

•First joint meeting of the NANDA, NIC and NOC (National Outcome Classification) facilitated by NursCom and led by Drs. Judith Warren, Joanne McClosky, Gloria Bulecheck and Meridean Mass.

•Boston College, Burns Library selected to archive NANDA´s historical documents.

•NANDA celebrates its 25th anniversary in St. Louis, MO.

•Dr. Dorothy A. Jones becomes NANDA´s fifth president.

•Rosemary Carroll-Johnson returns as editor of the NANDA journal.