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1973 - 1979

  • Held First Task Force Meeting to Name and Classify Nursing Diagnoses

  • Established First Clearinghouse for Nursing Diagnoses Resources

  • Published First Conference Proceedings

•Kristine Gebbie and Mary Ann Lavin call the First Task Force to Name and Classify Nursing Diagnoses. Members plan to meet biannually in St. Louis, MO.

•Dr. Marjory Gordon serves as chairperson of the Task Force of the National Conference Group on the Classification of Nursing Diagnoses.

•Clearinghouse for Nursing Diagnoses established at St. Louis University. Served as a depository for nursing diagnosis materials and National Conference Group on the classification of Nursing Diagnoses. The clearinghouse published a newsletter, maintained a speakers bureau, coordinated plans for national conferences and distributed bibliographies on each diagnostic category developed.

First Conference Proceedings edited by Gebbie and Lavin were published. Conference Proceedings published following each biannual conference since that time. Editors included Derry Moritz, Mi Ja Kim, Gertrude McFarland, Audrey McLane and Rosemary Carroll Johnson.

Work of nurse theorist group began, facilitated by Sister Callista Roy. The group presented papers at the 1978 and 1980 meetings. In 1982, Sr. Callista Roy and other prominent theorists (e.g. Dorothea Orem and Drs. Imogene King, Margaret Newman, Martha Rogers and Callista Roy) presented an organizing framework for nursing diagnoses called Patterns of Unitary Man (Humans), to NANDA and the Taxonomy Committee.