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Guidelines for Copyright Permission

- Lineamientos para Permiso de Derecho de Autor
- Diretrizes para a permissão de direitos autorais
The materials presented in this book are copyrighted and all copyright laws apply. For any usage other than reading or consulting the book in the English language, a licence is required from Wiley.

Examples of such reuse include but are not restricted to:
  • A publishing house, other organization, or individual wishing to translate the entire book, or parts thereof.
  • An author or publishing house wishing to use the entire nursing diagnosis taxonomy, or parts thereof, in a commercially available textbook or nursing manual.
  • An author or company wishing to use the nursing diagnosis taxonomy in audio-visual materials.
  • A software developer or computer-based patient record vendor wishing to use the nursing diagnosis taxonomy in English in a software program or application (for example, an electronic health record, an e-learning course, or an electronic application for a smartphone or other electronic device.
  • A nursing school, researcher, professional organization, or healthcare organization wishing to use the nursing diagnosis taxonomy in an educational program.
  • A researcher wishing to use the taxonomy for non-commercial academic research purposes.  Please be aware that the proposal will be submitted by Wiley to NANDA-I for approval before permission is granted.  Researchers are encouraged to submit the outcomes of their research to the International Journal of Nursing Knowledge, and to present the results at a NANDA-I conference, as appropriate.
  • A hospital wishing to integrate the nursing diagnosis taxonomy into their own electronic health records.
  • Any of the usages outlined above in a language other than English.
Please send all requests by e-mail to: or by post to:

NANDA International Copyright Requests
Global Rights Department
John Wiley & Sons Limited.
The Atrium
Southern Gate
West Sussex
PO19 8SQ

Translations Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for translations will be as follows:
  • There will be no buy-back by Wiley nor NANDA-I of unsold copies of any translations at the time that the next edition is released.
  • Publishers cannot add or remove any content from the original version provided by Wiley. This includes the addition of forewords, new prefaces or comments by translators or other parties. The only exception to this is the addition, under the name of the editor, of names of the translators in each language, who should be identified as translators (not as authors or editors).
  • Publishers will be required to submit the name, qualifications and résumé of the chief translator for approval prior to commencing any translation work.
  • Publishers must also submit both the cover design and the manuscript of the translation to Wiley for approval by NANDA-I prior to printing the translation. NANDA-I requires up to 12 weeks to complete this approval process, so it should be built into the production schedule.
  • Any and all changes requested by NANDA-I must be included in the translation, and publishers shall be required to submit page proofs for a final check before printing the translation.
Publishers will also be required to grant Wiley the right to re-use and license the Translation to third parties in electronic format. To this end, a customized version of the following Clause will be included in all translation licenses:
The Proprietor shall have the non-exclusive right to use the Translation in any form of electronic media now known or later developed (“Electronic Rights”), to update or arrange for others to update the electronic version of the Translation when new editions of the Work become available and to sublicense such rights to third parties.  The Publisher shall notify the Proprietor of any suitable third parties who may be interested in licensing the Electronic Rights from the Proprietor.  The Publisher shall provide the digital files for the Translation to the Proprietor in a format to be agreed, as soon as reasonably practicable, but not later than xx months after signature of this Agreement.  In consideration of the foregoing rights in this clause 1(e), the Proprietor shall pay to the Publisher an annual royalty to be agreed.
For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to make clear that this does not include e-book rights (unabridged verbatim electronic copies of the print Translation), and is only intended, for example, for software development usages.