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Expedited Review Process

The NANDA International Diagnosis Submission Expedited Review Process involves a few simple steps and is designed to allow users of the terminology to suggest minor changes, updates and revisions to existing diagnoses. 

Our Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC) Chair and members are all volunteers, contributing their time to the work of the organization. Expert Clinical Advisory Panel members are also volunteers and these individuals are engaged to support DDC Reviewers when additional specialist clinical input is required. 

The Expedited Review Process, detailed below, is used for all revisions to current diagnoses. 

  1. Submissions can only be accepted using the online submission form, which must be fully completed.
  2. The initial part of the review is a Preliminary Review by the Chair of DDC. As a result of this review the Chair will either: a) recommend changes before expedited review, b) recommend full review, c) recommend expedited review without changes, or d) reject.
  3. If a submission is determined to be "a) changes are recommended before review," then the submitter has 4 weeks to make these changes before re-submitting
  4. During the review process the DDC Reviewer may contact the submitter on several occasions to seek clarity and ask other questions. 
  5. Submitters can seek updates on their submissions by working with the DDC Chair and/or the Reviewer(s) appointed to their diagnosis submission; submitters should note that all Reviewers are volunteers and consequently it can take time for them to do their NANDA-I work.
  6. Once the Reviewer is content with the submission they will submit it to the DDC Chair and Committee for voting. If approved, the DDC Chair will seek Board approval. The submission does not need to go to a Member vote and will automatically be included in the next version of the terminology to be published.