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Appeals Procedure

If a new diagnosis (or revision) is reviewed by the Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC) and returned to the submitter(s) either for revision or because it is judged not to meet one or more criteria for staging a diagnosis, the submitter(s) may appeal the decision.

Notification of Non-Acceptance
If the DDC chooses not to accept a diagnosis/revision, notification of non-acceptance is provided to the submitter(s) with detailed rationale. One or more of the following reasons will be explained to the submitter(s):
  • Reject diagnosis (e.g. does not meet criteria for the definition of a nursing diagnosis or does not meet diagnosis level of evidence criteria);
  • Return with substantial revision (e.g. need to make major content changes);
  • Insufficient/old literature support (e.g. failure to reference meta analyses, concept papers, current research, or lack of research articles);
  • Return with editorial changes (e.g. solicit submitter response to DDC rationale and/or revision to submission).
Opportunity to Respond to First DDC Review
If submitter(s) choose(s) to appeal the DDC decision, the proposed diagnosis/revision will be placed on the NANDA-I website and will be announced in the NANDA-I Journal. A period of 90 days will be provided for members to submit evidence supporting, modifying, or rejecting the diagnosis/revision.

Second Review by DDC
After 90 days, DDC will review feedback and submit a second decision to the submitter(s).

Opportunity to Respond to Second DDC Review
If the DDC chooses not to accept a diagnosis following the second review, the submitter(s) will have an opportunity at the biennial conference to present the diagnosis/revision and the rationale for disagreement with the DDC decision. The presentation will occur in an open session and require evidence-based argument from the submitter(s) and the DDC regarding the decision. Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to present evidence-based argument supporting, modifying, or rejecting the diagnosis/revision.

Third Review by DDC
Following the open session, the DDC will review all information and forward a decision to the submitter(s) and the Board of Directors.

NANDA-I Board of Directors Review
The NANDA International Board of Directors will have opportunity to provide evidence-based argument supporting, modifying, or rejecting the submission at two points:
  • During the open forum at the biennial conference, and
  • After the conference, the Board of Directors will provide a final review of the DDC recommendation for approval.
A decision by the Board of Directors to modify or reject the DDC's recommendation must be evidence-based and at the same LOE or higher as the evidence presented by the submitter(s) and/or by the DDC.