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NANDA International Board of Directors Meeting June 2013
The NANDA International Board of Directors met June 10-11, 2013 in Iowa City, IA for its semi-annual face-to-face meeting, held at the Center for Nursing Classification on the University of Iowa Campus.

In attendance were Board Members Jane Brokel (President), Shigemi Kamitsuru, Jeff Adams, Gail Keenan, Emilia Campos de Carvalho. Geraldine Lyte, NANDA International Board of Directors Meeting June 2013Gunn von Krogh. Staff present included Heather Herdman and Mary Hemminger. Visitors included Miriam Almeida de Abreu, Tania Chianca, Tamara Maceira, Marta Christiane Alves Pereira, and Martha Craft-Rosenberg.NANDA International Board of Directors Meeting June 2013

Strategic Planning and Reports
The NANDA International Strategic Plan was reviewed and tracking / measurement indicators were confirmed. Ms. Sophia Joyce & Ms. Isabel Rollings from Wiley Blackwell presented the strategic plan for NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification.

Reports from the President, Executive Director and Board Members were presented, including an update on PRONANDA; the launch of the Portuguese version has been very successful, with plans underway for the Spanish NANDA International Board of Directors Meeting June 2013version. The new website / Knowledgebase were presented, with discussion of comprehensive content planning guided by site visitor / membership demographics and site search queries.

NANDA-I Journal
Jane Flanagan, Journal Editor, and Rosie Hutchinson, Wiley-Blackwell, presented the report for the International Journal of Nursing Knowledge. The journal is now 100% online, and member enrollments to access the journal is underway. An update on the Journal's Impact Factor was also presented: The International Journal of Nursing Knowledge is indexed by Thomson Reuters in their Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index. This makes is easy for readers to find IJNK articles and also means that the Journal receives an Impact Factor. The Journal's first Impact Factor is 0.361 (listed under its previous title of International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications), giving it a ranking of 92/103 (Nursing (Science) NANDA International Board of Directors Meeting June 2013and 89/101 (Nursing (Social Science).

Conference Planning
Updates were provided on plans for the 2016 Biennial Conference in Cancun, Mexico, and a proposal was accepted from the Universidad industrial de Santander (UIS) (Colombia) to host a NANDA-I conference in 2015.

Discussion was held on developing strategies for which our Fellows will have an integral part.

Thank you!
Our sincere thanks to Dr. Susan Moorhead and staff, Center for Nursing Classification, for their warm welcome and gracious hosting of our meeting.

Jane Brokel, PhD, RN, FNI
NANDA International, Inc.

Roger Corbin
Question: How long has pronanda been released? What sources. Is it available?
NANDA International
Hello Roger – PRONANDA was released in 2012 and is currently available in Portuguese. Click here for more information.
Silvia Arranz
Hello, about Conference planning I have read about 2016 in Mexico but, do you know where 2014 biennial Conferenence will take place? Many thanks,
NANDA International
Hi Silvia - 2014 conference discussions are underway; details will be announced at a later date via our email list. Click here for more information.
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