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2012 Awards

Awards are presented at each biennial conference, to recognize outstanding accomplishments by NANDA-I members. Award recipients are nominated by NANDA-I member colleagues, with final recipient determination made by the Board of Directors.

The Mentor Award is presented at the discretion of the NANDA-I President, and is intended to honor an individual or individuals who have excelled at mentorship in their own practice setting (e.g., mentoring students, clinical nurses, informatics nurses, researchers, etc.) as well as within the NANDA-I organization itself. Therefore, this is considered the highest award possible from the organization.
•Jean O'Neil, PhD, RN USA
•Martha Craft-Rosenberg, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN, USA
•T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN, FNI, USA

FOUNDERS AWARDThe Founders Award is presented by the NANDA-I Board of Directors, to those individuals who have made a lasting, internationally-reaching contribution to education, implementation, development, research, and/or informatics applications of nursing diagnoses.
•Gail Keenan, PhD, RN, USA
•Angela Nicoletti, MS, RN, USA

ROSEMARY CARROLL- JOHNSON AWARDThe Rosemary Carroll-Johnson Award is given to individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the NANDA International organization, in the area of publication excellence.
•Janet R. Weber, PhD, RN, USA

EDITOR'S AWARDThe Editor’s Award is given to author(s) who have published an outstanding piece of scholarship in the NANDA-I journal, The International Journal of Nursing Knowledge.
Content Validation of Hopelessness in Slovakia and Czech Republic
•Elena Gurova
•Juraj Cap
•Katrian Ziakova

The Unique Contribution Award is presented by the NANDA-I Board of Directors, to those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of nursing diagnosis.
•Yasuko Aoki, RN, RMW, Japan
•Amanda Coakley, PhD, RN, USA
•Gunn Von Krogh, PhD, RN, Norway


Standardized Language in Occupational Health Nursing: Conceptual models, nursing process and standardized language in occupational health nursing.
•Silvia Arranz Alonso and Alfonso Meneses
•Monroy Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Self care deficit for instrumental daily life activities in healthy elderly individuals and patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease: clinical evidence for a proposal of a new nursing diagnosis.
•Juliana Nery de Souza-Talarico, PhD, BSN, Brazil
•Dina de Almeida Lopes Monteiro da Cruz, PhD, BSN, Brazil

Correspondence of NANDA-I Actual Diagnosis and Nursing Outcome Classification
•Meridean Maas, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN, USA