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NANDA International Diagnosis Development Committee
The NANDA International Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC) met June 7-8, 2013 in Chicago, IL for its annual face-to-face diagnosis review meeting.

In attendance were Shigemi Kamitsuru (Chair), Darlene Sawicki, Leann Scroggins, Susana Martín Iglesias, Miriam de Abreu Almeida, Dr. Virginia Visconde Brasil, Heather Herdman and Jane Brokel. Adolf Guirao, Geralyn Meyer and Helen de Graf were excused.

NANDA International Diagnosis Development CommitteeDiagnosis Submission Review
DDC members reviewed over 60 nursing diagnosis submissions during the two-day period. The range of submissions is exceptional, both in terms of content and international representation.

Each diagnosis submission has been assigned a status code and follow-up with submitters began on June 20.

NANDA-I members can view the status of diagnosis submissions at the status tracking page in our Knowledgebase (member log in is NANDA International Diagnosis Development Committeerequired to view this page).

New Online Submission Form
A new process for online diagnosis submission was presented, and which is now open!

Administrative Processes Updated
The committee reviewed a completely-updated process for online diagnosis submission, committee review responsibilities, tracking the status of submissions and timely communication with submitters.

2013 Diagnosis Submission Member Vote Cycle
Plans for the September 2013 Diagnosis Voting Cycle were confirmed, to include all diagnosis submissions approved to proceed to Member vote. Member voting is part of our Diagnosis Submission Full Review Process.

Thank you!
Our sincere thanks to all those who submitted diagnoses during the 18 months. We appreciate your patience as our committee members (all volunteers) have reviewed this record-setting volume of submissions.

We also thank the Diagnosis Development Committee members. The time these dedicated individuals contribute to this effort is substantial and essential to our mission.

Shigemi Kamitsuru, PhD, RN, FNI
Chair, Diagnosis Development Committee
NANDA International

Anjali Katdare
I am very happy for the efforts NANDA International is making to refine the existing nursing diagnosis and adding the new validated nursing diagnosis. Thanks for raising the standared of the Nursing profession. Anjali
Maria Stella Campos de Aldana
Diagnoses are complete and can be handled. Congratulations on your excellent work. I would like to work with you on experience in the use of diagnostics. thanks
Oscar Vergara
felicitaciones a la NANDA por posicionar cada vez mas a enfermería con un lenguaje standarizado, esto evidenciado en su libro de diagnósticos 2012-2014. Saludos desde Colombia
Donna Bindig, MSN, RN
Can you clarify for me if "R/T" can be used with "Risk For" diagnoses? Thanks so much!
NANDA International
Hi Donna - please click here to read our FAQ on writing diagnostic statements.
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